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  • Vinyl Acetate Monomer CAS NO: 108-05-04

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    Vinyl Acetate Monomer CAS NO: 108-05-04

    Vinyl acetate is an organic compound with the formula CH3CO2CH=CH2. It is the precursor to polyvinyl acetate, an important polymer in industry. It can be polymerized to give polyvinyl acetate (PVA). With other monomers can be used to prepare copolymers such as ethylene-vinyl...

  • VAE Emulsion CAS No.:24937-78-8

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    VAE Emulsion CAS No.:24937-78-8

    vinyl acrylic polymer CAS NO.:24937-78-8 There are two most important additive to tile adhesive, one is redipsersible polymer powder, and the other is HPMC. Please find the information of redispersible polymer powder belows.

  • Polyvinyl Alcohol(PVA) CAS No.:9002-89-5

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    Polyvinyl Alcohol(PVA) CAS No.:9002-89-5

    Poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVOH, PVA, or PVAl) is a water-soluble synthetic polymer. It has the idealized formula [CH2CH(OH)]n. It is used in papermaking, textiles, and a variety of coatings. It is white (colourless) and odorless. It is sometimes supplied as beads or as solutions...

  • Polyisobutylene(PIB) CAS NO:9003-27-4

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    Polyisobutylene(PIB) CAS NO:9003-27-4

    Polyisobutylene is a synthetic rubber, or elastomer. It's special because it's the only rubber that’sgas impermeable, that is, it's the only rubber that can hold air for long periods of time. You may have noticed that balloons will go flat after a few days. This is because...

  • Polyethylene Glycol(PEG) CAS NO:25322-68-3

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    Polyethylene Glycol(PEG) CAS NO:25322-68-3

    Polyethylene glycol can be used as raw material ester surfactant.PEG-200 can be used as a medium of organic synthesis and have high requirements heat carrier, is used as a humectant in daily chemical industry, inorganic salt solubilizers, viscosity modifiers; used as a...

  • Gum Rosin CAS NO: 8050-09-7

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    Gum Rosin CAS NO: 8050-09-7

    Gum Rosin is a solid form of resinobtained from pines and some other plants, mostly conifers, produced by heating fresh liquid resin to vaporize the volatile liquid terpene components. It is semi-transparent and varies in color from yellow to black. At room temperature rosin...

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