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Acetonitrile preparation method
May 07, 2018

     There are many production methods for acetonitrile manufacturers, among which industrial production mainly includes acetamide amination, acetylene amination and propylene ammoxidation by-products.
     1. Amination of acetic acid: acetic acid, ammonia as raw material, in the role of aluminum oxide catalyst, at 360-420 °C temperature, the reaction, one-step synthesis of acetonitrile, the reaction solution by water absorption and distillation of the finished product. Raw material consumption quota: acetic acid (98%) 1763kg/t, liquid ammonia (99.5%) 691kg/t.
     2. Acetylene amination method: Acetonitrile is synthesized in one step using acetylene and ammonia as raw materials and aluminum oxide catalyst at 500-600°C. Raw material consumption quota: acetylene 10231m3, liquid ammonia (99.4%) 1007kg/t.
     3. Propylene Ammonia Oxidation By-Production Method: When propylene, ammonia, and air are used as raw materials, acrylonitrile is synthesized by a catalyst and acetonitrile is produced as a by-product. Each ton of acrylonitrile can produce 25-100 kg of acetonitrile.
     4. Acetonitrile was obtained by dehydration of acetamide and phosphorus pentoxide.
     5. Acetonitrile is obtained by the action of dimethyl sulfate and sodium cyanide.