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Adipic acid use
May 03, 2018

Mainly used as raw material for nylon 66 and engineering plastics, also used for producing various ester products, also used as raw material of polyurethane elastomer
Adipic acid is soft and long-lasting, with a small change in Ph value over a large concentration range, and is a good Ph value modifier. It can be used for jelly powders and solid beverage powders. The maximum amount used is 0.15g/kg and 0.01g/kg respectively.

It is primarily used as a raw material for nylon 66 and engineering plastics. Followed by the production of various ester products, used as plasticizers and advanced lubricants. In addition, adipic acid is also used as a raw material for polyurethane elastomers, and as an acidifying agent for various foods and beverages, its action is sometimes superior to citric acid and tartaric acid. Adipic acid is also a raw material for pharmaceuticals, yeast purification, insecticides, binders, synthetic leather, synthetic dyes and spices.

Used as a chemical reagent, also used for plastics and organic synthesis

Used as raw material for synthesizing high polymer, also used for making plasticizer and lubricant

Organic synthesis, flux, resin, plastics.