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Amino trimethylene phosphonic acid
Jun 06, 2018

Amino trimethylene phosphonic acid

Description: Amino tri(methylene phosphonic acid) ; ATMP

CAS No:6419-19-8


UN No:3265



Clear,colorless to pale yellow aqueous solution

Active acid %


Chloride (as Cl-) %

1.0 max

pH value(1% solution)

2.0 max


10.0 max

Density (20℃) g/cm3


Colour APHA (Hazen)

40.0 max

Ca Sequestration (mg CaCO3/g)

450.0 min

Packed In 250kg drum,20FCL=20m

Application : ATMP is usually used together with organophosphoric acid, polycarboxylic acid and salt to built all organic alkaline water treatment agent. ATMP can be used in many different circulating cool water system. The dosage of 1-20mg/L is recommended. As corrosion inhibitor, the dosage of 20-60mg/L is preferred.

Storage and transportation: Keep dry and closed. Use only acid-resistant containers. Keep drums closed.