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Basic properties of cyclohexylamine
Apr 28, 2018

Chinese name: Cyclohexylamine
Chinese alias: hexahydroaniline; aminocyclohexane L; cyclohexylamine, carbonate
English name: Cyclohexylamine
English alias: Aminocyclohexane; 1-Aminocyclohexane; 1-Cyclohexylamine; Aminohexahydrobenzene; Aniline, hexahydro-; Benzenamine, hexahydro-; cyclohexanamine
Appearance and properties: colorless liquid, unpleasant odor. Melting point (°C): -17.7
Relative density (water = 1): 0.86
Boiling Point (°C): 134.5
Relative vapor density (air = 1): 3.42
Molecular Formula: C6H13N
Molecular weight: 99.17
Content: Excellent grade ≥98.5%; Grade ≥95.0%.
Saturated vapor pressure (kPa): 1.17 (25°C)
EINECS No. 203-629-0 [1]
Flash point (°C): 32 (O.C)
Ignition temperature (°C): 293
Solubility: soluble in water, soluble in most organic solvents.