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Butanone oxime preparation method
May 02, 2018

(1) Catalytic hydrogenation of 2-nitrobutane; this method produces butanone oxime. Because raw materials require nitration, waste water and other pollutants are very large and are not suitable for industrial production;
(2) electrochemical method; butanone in the presence of nitrite solution, the Zn as the electrode, continuous access to CO conditions, into the current, current efficiency is only 40%;
(3) hydrazine exchange method; in the presence of organic acids such as p-toluene sulfonic acid, acetone oxime and butanone reaction, at 55-60 degrees for 10h, to produce acetone and butanone oxime;
(4) hydrated nitrile method; butanone and hydrazine hydrate under alkaline conditions as catalysts, butanone and hydrazine hydrate into the oxime, hydrazine under alkaline conditions hydrolysis to hydrazine;
(5) hydroxylamine method; the use of hydroxylamine hydrochloride or hydroxylamine sulfate and butanone to prepare butanone oxime method is the current synthesis of butanone oxime main route;
(6) Ammonia oxidation method: Generally, TS-1 is used as a catalyst, butanone is used as a raw material, and hydrogen peroxide and ammonia are added dropwise.