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Cyclohexylamine main use
Apr 28, 2018

Cyclohexylamine can be used as a raw material for surfactants to produce cyclohexylamine alkylbenzene sulphonate for emulsifiers and blowing agents;
Spice raw materials, production of allyl cyclohexyl propionate;
Dyestuff raw materials, producing Acid Blue 62, Disperse Fluorescent Yellow, Disperse Fluorescent Yellow H5GL, Weak Acid Blue BRN, Disperse Blue 6 and Dye Additives;
The raw material of the food additive sweetener; cyclohexylamine can be used to produce cyclohexylamine sulfonate and sodium cyclohexyl sulfamate, which is a sweetener 30 times more sweet than sucrose, the trade name is cyclamate, China's Ministry of Health approved the use of pickles, seasoning sauces, wine, cakes, biscuits, bread, frozen drinks, and beverages, with a maximum usage of 0.65g/kg.
Pesticide raw materials, production of fruit trees with insecticide "Kierte", herbicide Wilbur and fungicides;
Additives for the preparation of petroleum products, boiler feed water treatment agents and corrosion inhibitors;
Rubber vulcanization accelerator raw materials, production of thiazole vulcanization accelerator CZ, this vulcanization accelerator excellent vulcanization performance, especially suitable for SBR, FDA rubber;
Used as a rust inhibitor to produce anti-rust paper;
Clearance agent;
Antistatic agents (textile additives), latex coagulants and additives for petroleum products;
Due to the alkalinity of the aqueous solution of cyclohexylamine, it can be used as an absorbent for decarbonation and sulfur dioxide.