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Dichloromethane production method
Apr 25, 2018

1. Natural gas chlorination method Natural gas reacts with chlorine, after absorbing hydrochloric acid by-produced by hydrochloric acid, remove residual traces of hydrogen chloride with lye, and then dry, compress, condense and retort to obtain finished products, including chlorine 100% 4000 , natural gas (standard condition Next), methane content 97% 1000m3/t, liquid alkali 100% 274.
2. Chlorination of Chloroethane Chloroform and chlorine are reacted under 4000 kW light to produce methylene chloride. The finished product is obtained by caustic washing, collapsing, condensation, drying and rectification. The main by-product is chloroform. Chloro methane ≥98% 746, liquid chlorine ≥99.5% 854, caustic soda 30% 221.
Industry is generally synthesized by the chlorination of methane. Chlorination of methane produces a mixture of four types of methyl chloride, but because of the relatively large distances between the boiling points, it can be conveniently separated and purified by common fractionation techniques.