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Jun 19, 2018


98.5% MIN.


0.2% MAX.


0.016 MOL/L MAX.



Refractive Index(ηD20)


Description: Furfural, 2-furanurmethyl alcohol

CAS No: 98-01-1

Molecular Formula:C5H4O2


UN No: 1199


Class: 6.1

Physical and Chemical Property: It is a yellowish liquid in the shape of oil,having the special smell similar to benzaldehyde.When exposed under the sunlight and in the air,it will quikly change into reddish-brown in color.It is combustive and easy to evaporate along with steam.It can slightly be soluble in,but can easily be dissolved in alcohol and ether.



Packing in 240kg/250kg drums or Iso Tank.


Application: It is one of the organic chemical industrial raw materials,which can make maleic anhydride,oxalic acid,furfuryl alcohol and tetrahydrofurfuryl alcohol.It can be compounded into medicine,agricultural chemicals and velerincine.It can also be compounde into resin used as assistant and solvent applied in the industries of food,perfume and dyeing.

Storage and Transportation: Store in shady and cool dry ventilating place,forbid kindling material,must guard against with better and acid,strong oxidizing chemical medicines and food are stored and transport together.