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Iso-butyl alcohol production method
Mar 20, 2018

1. Carbonyl synthesis
Taking propylene and syngas as raw materials, the oxo and oxo aldehydes are obtained through oxo synthesis. After decatalysed, hydrogenation is carried out into positive and isobutanol, and the products are dehydrated and separated to obtain finished products of isobutanol and isobutanol respectively. [6]
2. Isobutyraldehyde hydrogenation
Isobutyraldehyde is subjected to liquid phase hydrogenation under the catalysis of nickel to produce isobutanol. [6]
3. Recovery from isobutyl oil produced as a by-product from the production of methanol plant
Isobutyl oil, a by-product of the synthesis of methanol distillation, dehydration by methanol, salting out, and then azeotropic distillation to obtain isobutanol