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Method for producing butyl acetate
Mar 21, 2018

By acetic acid and n-butanol esterification in the presence of sulfuric acid derived. Butanol, acetic acid and sulfuric acid were added into the esterification reactor in proportion and esterification was carried out at 120° C. After dehydration at reflux, the acid value during the control of esterification was below 0.5, and the resulting crude ester was subjected to neutralization and then transferred to a distillation pot. Condensation, separation, dehydration at reflux, recovery of alcohol esters, and distillation at 126°C or less give the product. The production process has continuous and intermittent methods, depending on the scale of production. Raw material consumption quota: acetic acid (98%) 540kg/t, n-butanol 650kg/t. In recent years, research reports on the development and application of solid acids, heteropoly acids, etc. in place of sulfuric acid catalysts to reduce corrosion of equipment have been on the rise. However, there have been no reports of successful industrial production.