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N-hexane chemical properties and uses
Mar 30, 2018

Chemical properties
Colorless volatile liquid. Hard to dissolve in water, soluble in ethanol, soluble in ether, chloroform, ketones and other organic solvents.
Used in solvent, extraction, organic synthesis, electronic industry for cleaning, pharmaceutical industry as extractant, also an extract of edible vegetable oil

Mainly used as solvents, such as vegetable oil extraction solvents, propylene polymerization solvents, rubber and coating solvents, pigment diluents. It is used for extraction of various edible oils and fats such as soybeans, rice bran, and cottonseed, and spices in spices. In addition, it is also a high-octane fuel.

Solvents. Determination of moisture in methanol. UV spectral analysis. Pesticide residue analysis. High performance liquid chromatography. Gas chromatography analysis standard. Biochemical research, protein sequence analysis. Determine the mineral refractive index. Organic Synthesis. The thermometer replaces mercury.