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Propylene glycol mono butyl ether (PNB)
Jul 19, 2018




Colorless   transparent liquid

Purity/wt%     min.


Water Content/wt%   max.


Acidity (As   CH3COOH) /wt% max.


Colour/(APHA) max.


Description: Propylene glycol mono butyl ether (PNB)Glycol ether PNB, Butoxy propanol; Propanediol butyl ether

Physical and Chemical Property: Colorless and clear liquid

CAS No.15821-83-7

EINES No. 249-598-7



Packed in180kg iron drum, 20’fcl=14.4mt.


Application in coating: PM, low toxic and strong soluble, is widely used as solvent and coupling agent of ink, paint coating and water-based paint. It is suitable for benzene propylene emulsion, propylene alkene acid emulsion and its emulsion paint, which are characterized by reducing the coating temperature, speeding its cohesion and keeping the coating in a good condition. 
Application in pesticide: PM is mainly used as intermediate of metolachlor for weedicide, and as suspension agent of pesticide emulsion. 
Other applications: PM can be used in anti-freezer of fuel, cleanser, extractor, and ore-dressing agent for non-ferrous metals. In addition, it can be used as material of organic synthesis, dyestuff of dyeing and textile, and solvent of spinning oil.