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Synthesis of sec-butanol
Mar 23, 2018

Synthesis of sec-butanol
According to the raw materials, they are divided into useful coal and coke equivalent raw materials, useful heavy oil, residual oil, light oil, and other liquid raw materials, as well as natural gas, coke oven gas, acetylene tail gas, and other gas raw materials:
According to the process conditions, there are high-pressure methods using zinc-chromium catalysts, medium-pressure methods using copper-zinc-alumina catalysts, and low-pressure methods such as high-activity copper catalysts synthesized under relatively low pressure.
No matter how the raw materials are selected, what process conditions can be adopted or the temperature of the synthesis at 350-400°C and the reaction temperature of 250-300°C can be further increased, but the production processes are almost the same. The standard of the product is also consistent. However, sec-butanol production also has special processes. For example, the alkanol process, no matter what kind of catalyst is used, what level of synthetic pressure and temperature is used, and its production process is accompanied by synthetic ammonia production. There are commonalities and contradictions, so this is a special branch of the synthesis process of sec-butanol. In order to understand the overall practical operation of sec-butyl alcohol production, the two production processes are briefly introduced.