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The nature and use of dimethyl carbonate
Apr 02, 2018

Dimethyl carbonate is abbreviated as DMC and it is a colorless, transparent and irritating liquid at room temperature. The relative density (d204) is 1.0694, the melting point is 4°C, the boiling point is 90.3°C, and the flash point is 21.7°C (opening) 16.7°C (closed) ), refractive index (nd20) 1.3687, flammable, non-toxic. It can be mixed with almost any organic solvent such as alcohols, ketones and esters in any ratio, and is slightly soluble in water. Can be used as a methylation reagent. Dimethyl carbonate is less toxic and biodegradable than other methylating agents such as methyl iodide and dimethyl sulfate.
1, a new low-toxic solvent in the paint, adhesive industry can replace toluene, xylene, ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, acetone or butanone and other solvents, is environmentally friendly green chemical products.
2, a good methylation agent, carbonylation agent, methylolation agent and methoxylation agent, is a widely used chemical raw materials.
3, phosgene, dimethyl sulfate, methyl chloroformate and other highly toxic alternatives.
4, synthetic polycarbonate, diphenyl carbonate, isocyanate and so on.
5, used in medicine for the synthesis of anti-infective drugs, antipyretic analgesics, vitamin drugs, central nervous system drugs.
6, Pesticides are mainly used to produce methyl isocyanate, and then produce certain carbamate drugs, insecticides (anisole).
7, gasoline additives, lithium battery electrolyte.