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Inorganic chemistry is concerned with the properties and behavior of inorganic compounds, which include metals, minerals, and organometallic compounds.
  • Sulfamic Acid CAS NO: 5329-14-6

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    Sulfamic Acid CAS NO: 5329-14-6

    The molecular formula of aminosulfonic acid is NH2SO3H. The market is white powder, at room temperature, as long as keep dry and do not contact with water, solid sulfonic acid does not absorb moisture, more stable. The aqueous solution of aminosulfonic acid has the same...

  • Succinic Acid CAS NO: 110-15-6

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    Succinic Acid CAS NO: 110-15-6

    Succinic acid exists in white granules or powders. It is an important organic intermediates and raw materials. It is freely soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol, ethyl ether, acetone and glycerin, allmost insoluble in benzene, CS2, CCl4 and petroleum ether.

  • Itaconic Acid CAS NO: 97-65-4

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    Itaconic Acid CAS NO: 97-65-4

    Itaconic acid is unsaturated diprotic acid. It has unsaturated double bond and active chemical properties. It is insoluble in water, ethanol and other solvents. Being able to do various kinds of addition reactions, esterification reactions and polyreactions, it is important...

  • Guanidine Hyrochloride CAS NO: 50-01-1

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    Guanidine Hyrochloride CAS NO: 50-01-1

    Guanidine Hydrochloride is a powerful, chaotropic agent which is widely used for purification of proteins and nucleic acids. Guanidine Hydrochloride is useful for denaturation and refolding of proteins as well as in the recovery of periplasmic proteins and isolation of RNA....

  • Diphenolic Acid CAS NO: 126-00-1

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    Diphenolic Acid CAS NO: 126-00-1

    Diphenolic acid, scientific name,4, 4-bis (4-hydroxyphenyl) pentanoic acid, is used as the intermediate for preparation of coating, lubricant additive, cosmetics, surfactant, plasticizer, textile auxiliary.

  • Phosphoric Acid(PH) CAS NO:7664-38-2

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    Phosphoric Acid(PH) CAS NO:7664-38-2

    Phosphoric Acid is a colorless, odorless phosphorus-containing inorganic acid. Phosphoric acid is used in dentistry and orthodontics as an etching solution, to clean and roughen the surfaces of teeth where dental appliances or fillings will be placed. In addition, phosphoric...

  • Caustic Soda(CS) CAS:1310-73-2

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    Caustic Soda(CS) CAS:1310-73-2

    Caustic soda is a colorless crystalline solid that melts at 318 °C without decomposition. It is highly soluble in water, with a lower solubility in ethanol and methanol, but is insoluble in ether and other non-polar solvents.It is a popular strong base used in industry....

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