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A Brief Analysis Of Chemical Products During The Week (6.11-6.15): Periphery And Demand Are More Than Empty. Chemicals Still Decline.
Jun 19, 2018

In this cycle, domestic chemical products continued to decline and dominated the market. Nearly half of the chemical products showed a downward trend, and the proportion of rising varieties was relatively small. At present, peripherals and fundamentals continue to derail the trend of the bulk chemicals market. Recently, the US crude oil and refined oil stocks have been lowered, and the US dollar has soared to bring about an effective boost to oil prices. However, potential increases in output of OPEC and Russia may be possible. As well as the continued rise in U.S. crude oil production, oil prices are under pressure. This week, the Shanghai Summit ended and the transportation of hazardous chemicals was lifted. The circulation of goods in the market was accelerated, but the demand was not prosperous in the off-season. Coupled with the pressure from Hebei and Jiangsu to restrict the start-up of downstream enterprises, the chemicals market would remain difficult next week. Words are optimistic.

Of the 66 key chemical products monitored by Henan Haofei Chemical Network, 17 were up (almost with last week), accounting for about 25.77%; 32 were down (flatter than last week), accounting for about 48.48%; One product (flatter than last week) accounted for approximately 25.76%. Among them, the top three products for the gains were epichlorohydrin (↑7.27%), dimethyl ether (↑3.67%), and cyclohexanone (↑3.64%). The drop in the top three products was TDI (Shanghai stock) (↓12.07). %), butanone (↓8.33%), dichloromethane (↓7.04%).