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A Brief Analysis Of Chemical Products In One Week (6.19-6.24): Weak Fundamentals Chemical Market Continues To Weaken
Jun 25, 2018

This week, the domestic chemical market as a whole was weakly operating, with fewer rising varieties, and the vast majority of products went down. After the domestic chemicals market entered the high-temperature season, the overall operation of the downstream and terminal industries was weak, and effective demand was still insufficient. Environmental protection storms in places such as Shandong and Jiangsu intensified, and the closure of some industries further expanded. Under the background of the weak demand and the overall production and sales situation of most chemical products, the market trading atmosphere is generally not very active. Therefore, some products have entered the adjustment cycle, and the overall market focus has been revised downwards.

Of the 66 key chemical products monitored by Henan Haofei Chemicals, 11 were rising varieties, accounting for approximately 16.67%; 41 were falling varieties, accounting for approximately 62.12%; 14 products were flat, accounting for approximately 21.21%. Among them, the top three products for the increase were isobutanol (↑5.81%), primary market for acrylic acid (↑2.50%) and PO (↑1.83%), and the products with the lowest drop in the first three categories were aniline (↓11.32%) and styrene ( ↓ 8.06%), acetone (↓7.22%).