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Acetic Acid: Short-term Positive And Limited Market Decline Is Difficult
Jun 28, 2018

Domestic acetic acid prices fell sharply in June. Especially in the middle and late of this month, the factories in the two regions drastically reduced the selling price for the sake of stimulating shipments. The impact on the mainstream market was severe. Acetic acid plants and traders continued to follow suit in other regions. However, just because of the need for weakness, coupled with the sentiment of buying and not buying, users just need to purchase a single order, so the atmosphere of market transactions is deserted.

As for factors that influence the market in the later period, bearishness dominates:

In terms of demand, the downstream PTA started at a relatively high level, and the raw material acetic acid consumption was relatively stable. While other downstream acetate, acetic anhydride, etc. started slightly lower than the conventional level, and environmental protection and other aspects of the impact of the termination of the plant part of the terminal, the demand side is also no good embodiment.

In the export market, the current overseas installations have been operating stably and the export volume has remained light. The external market has no positive support for the domestic acetic acid market.

In summary, the current supply of the market is not tight, and some manufacturers are actively shipping the main, short-selling users of the small single purchase, the fundamentals bearish, is expected to continue to decline in the short-term market.