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BDO: Temporary Stability In The Mainstream
May 14, 2018

Last week, the domestic BDO market talked about the temporary stability of the mainstream, and the high turnover was loosened. Henan Haofei Chemical's statistical alkyd aldehyde plant was started at 51.5%. The start-up rate of this week's manufacturers did not change much. Only Inner Mongolia Dongyuan restarted at the beginning of the week. The market supply and demand are basically balanced, and the manufacturer’s overall rate of openness is more than 60%. Increased resistance to high shipments. Preconditions Parking devices such as Sinopec Great Wall Energy and Xinjiang Tianye have not restarted. Most of the downstream markets are stable, but they just need to be unsatisfactory. Downstream PBTs are driven by demand from end-users, while others downstream, such as GBL and PTMEG, are environmentally friendly. Pressure is greater. As of Friday, the mainstream of domestic BDO East China delivery reached 11,300-11,600 yuan / ton, compared with last week, down 100-200 yuan / ton, the high turnover was loosened, the supplier maintained a long contract, the big ones talked about the deposit to profit.