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BDO: The Supply Is Changing
Apr 25, 2018

After the Spring Festival, the domestic BDO enterprises entered the inspections one after another. It was a welcome start for 2018, and logistics played a thrust role. It was more difficult for the supply of goods in the northwest region to enter the East China and North China regions. The inventory of all enterprises was at a low level. Basically satisfies the self-sufficient BDO, this wave market is rare.

The good times did not last long. Since April, the market conditions have shown a gloomy trend, mainly from the supply side. According to Haofei information monitoring statistics, the current operating rate of the industry is 56.9%, which is an increase of about 10%. Pre-maintenance and overhaul devices, such as Xinjiang Meike, Lanshan Tunhe, Meizhou Bay and Henan Kaixiang, etc., were successively restarted, while Sinopec Great Wall Energy, Xinjiang Tianye and Chongqing Jianfeng are expected to complete overhaul early next month, and supply is gradually increasing. Investors are generally less optimistic about the outlook and are interested in promoting sales.

Since last week, Shanxi sanwei suffered accidental load shedding from force majeure. At present, there is no export of products, which has boosted the mentality of merchants to some extent, and the market has become less talkative. Another good one is also from the supply side. Shaanxi Vidio fell on April 23, and it is understood that the company's BDO stocks are low and sales in the short-term are very limited. At this time, the seller’s market dominated, and the downstream down-stream sentiment was only just needed for purchases. Some downstream companies had intentions of stocking, and they had different attitudes towards the outlook. However, the short-term market basically stopped falling and focused on the restart of the follow-up devices.