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Big Increase In Butadiene Production In The U.S. Will Change The Global Market
Mar 30, 2018

According to Platts Energy Advisors San Antonio March 27, Ed Dineen, chief executive of the US TPC Group, said on Tuesday that major olefin expansion projects in the US Gulf Coast region will shake global butadiene trade flows, and that the US market may tend to supply and demand. The balance even exceeds supply, while the European market may tend to be tight.

At the meeting of the American Association of Fuels and Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM), Dineen told Standard & Poor's Platts Global Energy Consulting Co., Ltd.: “In the current wave of expansion of ethylene crackers in the United States, 18 million tons/year of ethylene capacity will be added, even if The yield of butadiene production is only 3%, and the supply of new butadiene is also very considerable. We think this will change the fundamentals of the global butadiene market."