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Butanone: Gradually Fell Below The Cost Line But It Is More Difficult To Stop Rebounding
Jun 19, 2018

The hot weather in June, but butanone market is suffering from the "winter." At present, the price of butanone in the East China market has dropped to 6600-6700 yuan / ton from the current spot since the mention, has exceeded the lowest level last year, but the market is still no signs of declining.

According to the formula for cost calculation, the price of butanone has gradually fallen below the cost line this week. This round of decline was mainly due to sluggish demand resulting in weak shipments, and most of the main companies of butanone maintained higher load, and in the absence of favorable export support. , Butanone companies began to cut prices and shipped, a price war has been secretly started, the company entered the stage of fight costs.

At present, the downstream coatings and adhesives industries are in the traditional off-season. In addition, the environmental protection inspections in various regions are severe. Downstream demand for raw material procurement is sluggish, and the butanone market is difficult to support. However, as the price of butanone falls below the cost, the market's downside will also be narrowed. The price of butanone has recently fallen sharply, and the spread of related solvents such as acetone and toluene has narrowed, or it has gradually reached the downstream acceptance expectation. It is expected to usher in a wave of purchasing period, but after all, domestic supply is sufficient, and overall demand is weak. The butanone market rebound is more difficult. In the medium to long term, subject to the constraints of weak demand, unless the supply side is significantly reduced, the market will continue its weaker running trend. Concerned about the follow-up plant equipment start, downstream procurement and raw material costs and other aspects of the impact.