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Butanone: Poor Upward Movement
May 10, 2018

Recently, affected by the Iranian nuclear agreement crisis, international crude oil has shown a trend of rising shocks. The cost of chemical products has been strengthened and the overall performance of the chemical industry has continued to improve. The upstream source of butanone is oil, and its main raw material is ether after carbon 4. Although the price of crude oil is driven by the rise of crude oil, the price of carbon is pushed up slightly, but the volatility is limited. Currently, the mainstream transaction price in Shandong market is around 4960-5080 yuan/ton. , support for the butanone market in general. Therefore, the recent crude oil price fluctuations have a certain influence on the psychology level of the butanone market, and there is no obvious driving force.

Looking at the domestic domestic butanone market recently, from the end of April, it quickly formed a slight rebound. After May Day, under the support of the factory, and the market's holdings of goods continued to increase, the market focus of East China and South China continued to rise. Up till now, the price reference in the East China market has been raised from RMB 8,000-8,100/ton, which is about RMB 200/ton higher than before the holiday. However, due to the poor downstream demand, the middlemen’s bullish sentiment has weakened, and most of them are waiting to see the market temporarily stop rising. Consolidate. Some suppliers in the South China market still have a tentative test of increasing prices, while middlemen can still follow up. However, downstream replenishment is limited, and the market's upward momentum is also insufficient.

At present, the domestic butanone plant starts with a low overall load, with little production and sales pressure and ample supply in the market. In May, domestic demand for butanone gradually entered the off-season, and market demand is expected to shrink. From the perspective of domestic supply and demand, there is no obvious positive support.

For the market, on the one hand, the market will focus on whether the repair of the Maruzen plant in Japan in May will boost the export volume of domestic butanone. On the other hand, the impact of Qingdao Shanghe Summit on upstream and downstream construction and logistics transportation will be significant. At present, the news of the butanone market is not clear. The industry is holding a wait-and-see mood for the market outlook. Overall, the domestic butanone market has temporarily remained high and is waiting for new good news to be released.