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Butanone: Rapid Decline Fell Below RMB8000 ​
Apr 25, 2018

Into this week, the domestic butanone market fell rapidly, and in less than two days, the East China market had already fallen below the 8000 mark to 7900 yuan/ton, but the market did not show signs of a significant drop. Butanone prices Or have not yet reached the bottom. However, with the rapid decline, butanone profit margins are gradually narrowing, market players are cautious about operating mood, the market is expected to slow down the downward trend, the market is expected to decline before the end of the narrow range. As of today, the price of the East China market is about RMB 7900-7950/ton, which is mainly referred to as the current exchange rate. The South China market has a reference price of RMB 8100-8150/ton around the current exchange rate.