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Cyclohexanone: A Short-term Low-cost Response To The Market Trend, Whether The Long-term Rebound Can Be Expected?
May 10, 2018

Into this week, the domestic market for cyclohexanone dropped broadly. This week's price has been the lowest price in almost seven months. Since August last year, environmental inspections in Shandong caused some cyclohexanone plants to stop, and caprolactam's new and expanding devices were put into operation. As a result, since supply and demand patterns were reshuffled, cyclohexanone has been in short supply, and prices have been operating at high levels. Faced with the plunge this week, market participants are more skeptical.

First of all, the main reason for the major drop in cyclohexanone came from increased supply. Since last Friday, after the maintenance of 200,000 tons of caprolactam units in the Luxi Chemical New Line, the supporting cyclohexanone plant has been operating normally and the spot supply has emerged in a concentrated way. Under the current situation of lack of large single support, the manufacturers' offer widths have been successively lower, and the goods have been taken actively. the Lord. Secondly, the spread between cyclohexanone and caprolactam narrowed to about 2,500 yuan/ton. From the perspective of production costs, the downstream cyclohexanone plant purchases cyclohexanone as a loss-making trade. Cyclohexanone and caprolactam are in an upside down trend, and the downstream pressure is greatly suppressed. Manufacturers are interested in receiving goods. Downstream manufacturers say that high production costs cannot be transferred positively. For non-rigid demand, manufacturers prefer to reduce their production and control the cost of outsourcing cyclohexanone. Therefore, the decline in the price of cyclohexanone also follows the current market trend.