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Cyclohexanone: Less Goods, Keep Probing
May 30, 2018

At the beginning of the week, the domestic market of cyclohexanone had a strong wait-and-see attitude. As the factory implemented multiple chemical fiber sheets, it was expected that there would be a decrease in the sales volume of the solvent market this week. On Monday morning, traders were optimistic about their attitude and there was a strong atmosphere in the market. The market for cyclohexanone was in short supply. Although the operating rate of caprolactam in the previous period was low, the caprolactam market fell. In the context of the decline in high-priced cyclohexanone, the factory just needed to maintain production. Near the end of the month, the factory just needed to replenish the stock market, and the big ones went into the market on a bargain-on-the-money basis, encouraging an atmosphere of stir-ups on the floor. The market's mentality was fragile due to the unstable supply-demand relationship in the cyclohexanone market, and it is expected to expand in the short-term. Crude oil fell last week dragged down the benzene outside the disk, it is recommended to chase high cautious, fast-forward operation.