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Dichloromethane: Transport Or Restriction Market Consolidation
Jun 06, 2018

Dichloromethane: Transport or Restriction Market Consolidation

At the opening of this week, the domestic methylene chloride market changed to market consolidation.

The main factor was that the industry was concerned about the transportation restrictions in Shandong

Province. Due to the large capacity in Shandong, the province's liquid chlorine limit notice affected the

start of the methane chloride plant, but some market participants Expressing concern that shipping

restrictions may affect factory shipments, the factory inventory will increase, and with the downstream downstream of the terminal entering the off-season, the actual downstream purchases will be limited.

The market will be cautious, short-term or consolidation, and is expected to accumulate in the factory

inventory, or there will be soft space. Stay tuned for plant installation messages and inventory changes.