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EDC (dichloroethane): Impact Of Import Opening On The Domestic Market Pattern
Apr 02, 2018

In March, the domestic dichloroethane market first rose and then fell. The overall rate was about RMB100/ton. Near the end of the month, the domestic market price of dichloroethane was turmoil. The market price in Jiangyin market was around RMB2050-2200/ton. Larger, shortage of goods in the South China market, no new prices reported, waiting for new news to guide.

At present, Shanghai chloro-alkali-dichloroethane supply continues to arrive in Hong Kong, Jiangyin Port Terminal offers RMB1870/ ton wire transfer, Lianyungang Terminal offer RMB1920/ ton acceptance (new storage tanks), the actual transaction to discuss the main. Shanghai chlor-alkali stable price, but due to dumping to the PVC factory before the inventory, the current inventory is not available for sale, and its own device starts with a lower load, and a larger daily orders, more delivery of pre-order limit shipments, due to The quality of imported dichloroethane in a certain stock is not high, and the industry concentrates on bringing chloro-alkali to Shanghai, resulting in a shortage of goods in the overall market. Some traders do not get the goods and no goods are exported.

The Asian ethylene market has been operating smoothly in the near future, and the industry people are waiting to see the main trend; the liquid chlorine market is slightly up, and the mainstream reversal limit has been reduced. The liquid chlorine market is expected to rise higher. The raw material market has not yet formed a significant impact on the dichloroethane market. Downstream domestic PVC market turnover was slightly flat, the regional market was stopped by the influence of futures to stop falling. In South China and East China, the social stocks are generally too short to resolve inventory pressure in the short term, and it is difficult for spot prices to continue to rise. The market has become dull. Traders are cautious about obtaining goods and are more likely to stay on the sidelines. In the short-term, such as lack of good news.

On the whole, due to the poor quality of imported goods, and the fact that factory traders have no inventory, downstream centralized stocking and other reasons have caused the overall supply to be tight. However, in the absence of external disk and other favorable reasons, when the supply of goods is periodically relieved, domestic dichloro Ethane market prices will remain weak.