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Ethyl Acetate Market Analysis
Apr 03, 2018

In March, the domestic ethyl acetate market rose first and then fell. In the first half of the year, the North China and East China markets continued their upward trend after the Spring Festival at the end of February, mainly due to the following points: First, the raw materials, acetic acid and ethanol, rose in varying degrees after the holiday, and the cost support for ethyl ester was obvious. Second, ethyl acetate in the north Inventories are not high, because some companies send cargo to the South China market, or regular exports; the third is because the terminal years ago to see the air, pre-holiday intentions are not high, after the holiday there was concentrated replenishment. The above three forces led to the continuous upward adjustment of ethyl acetate prices in North China and East China. In southern China, the stability in the first half of the year was due to the arrival of ethyl acetate cargoes in the north in mid-February. In addition, local businesses increased their load after the holiday. Under the double increase of cargo and local supply, downstream buying intentions were not high. The domestic ethyl acetate market began to decline in the middle of the month. First, the raw material ethanol continued to decline. The acetic acid price fell weakly and the venue lost its cost support. Second, the terminal demand was low, and some of them were based on high ethyl ester prices and used alternatives. It is the gradual increase in the pressure on the company's inventory, and the strong interest in shipping. Near the end of the month, ethyl acetate fell to near the cost line. The intention of downstream buying was slightly warmer, and the market gradually stabilized.
In April, the domestic ethyl acetate market is expected to continue its weakness. Although terminal paints and paints have announced increases in prices, the prices of ethyl esters are still at a high level in previous years. And the raw material acetic acid is still expected to go down in April, long-term ethanol is expected to be slightly warmer, but the cost support is expected to be insufficient. In addition, the current operating rate of ethyl ester companies is high, and the supply side is abundant. Therefore, the supply of over-supply is still in the post-market. Jinlian Chuang thinks that the ethyl acetate market continued to be weak in April, and in the state of small profits, it mostly follows the trend of raw materials.