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Ethyl Acetate: This Week's US Ethyl Acetate Market Talks
Jul 06, 2018

This week, US market prices continued to rise by 2 cents, and producer prices rose with the support of strong acetic acid pricing. US ethyl acetate spot prices are 73-74 cents per pound ($1610 - $1632) FOB USG, while domestic pricing is 75-76 cents per pound ($1653 - $1,677). Manufacturer Celanese announced on July 1 that the US and Canadian markets are up 4 cents ($88/ton), Mexico and South America at $90 per metric ton, and Europe, Middle East and Africa at €150 per metric ton. Following June, the United States and Canada raised 2 cents/lb ($44/tonne), Mexico and South America rose $50/ton, while Europe, the Middle East and Africa increased by 125 euros. The limited supply of raw material acetic acid and high price issues still exist. Last Thursday, the US acetic acid evaluation price was 1055 - 1065 US dollars / metric ton FOB USG, while last Tuesday's second-level raw material ethanol evaluation price was 141.3 US cents / gallon.