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Austrian chemical industry promotes digital construction
May 13, 2017

According to the Austrian "Courier" reported on May 5, the chairman of the Austrian Chemical Industry Association, said that the Austrian chemical industry in recent years, the chemical industry operating income fell for five consecutive years, a drop of 0.6% last year, to achieve sales of 14.8 billion In the euro, exports fell by 1 percentage point.

He believes that the future of Austrian chemical industry should be explored in Chemical Industry 4.0, for example, through digital analysis to extend the shelf life or computer simulation to achieve safety training. In addition to Chemicals 4.0, more than two-thirds of respondents believe that digitalization will be an important future direction for the Austrian chemical industry.

For digitization and layoffs that may be caused by “Chemical 4.0,” Kurick said that Austria also needs a large number of specially trained technicians during the process. Therefore, the association will begin to focus on promoting the construction of chemical industry training projects in the second half of 2018.