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Maleic Anhydride: Cost And Buying Support For Maleic Anhydride To Escape The Decline
Jul 19, 2018


Recently, the domestic market for maleic anhydride has continued to be weak, and the seller lacks the initiative to operate, and there is still a lack of operating opportunities for the supply of goods on the market. The cost pressure of entering the benzene method continued to be highlighted this week, and there was a slowdown in the decline of the main factory. The benzene method factory first rose upwards, and the price center of gravity rose. After that, the low price of butane method also quickly delisted. The overall mentality of the seller improved, and the price of goods slowly moved up. At present, maleic anhydride is still in the off-season demand, so there are still differences in the order, and the supply of maleic anhydride is still sufficient. The increase in maleic anhydride is limited. The short-term domestic market for maleic anhydride is narrow and has gradually stabilized.