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Methanol: Imports Of Iranian Products In April Or Below 200,000 Tons
Apr 12, 2018

In February 2018, China's methanol imports amounted to 597,000 tons, a decrease of 29.1% from the previous month and a year-on-year decrease of 11.6%. The Middle East is still the main source of methanol in China (accounting for 56% of total imports, with an average monthly rate of 65% in the past three years), while Iran imports 206,000 tons (almost equal to the monthly average value in the past three years). It is the Middle East to China. More than 60% of the import volume accounts for more than one-third of China's total imports, ranking first in China's import of methanol.

In April, there were a large number of planned maintenance facilities in foreign countries, including a repair plan for the 850,000 tons/year plant in Brunei in April and three units in New Zealand for a total of 2.43 million tons/year in April. According to statistics from Zhongyu, a total of The production capacity is up to about 8 million tons, of which Iran is 300-400 million tons, and the quantity of Iranian imports imported into China will be reduced by 50,000-80,000 tons, or below the monthly average value of 200,000 tons (March or in the range of 200,000-250,000 tons). Around April, China's methanol imports totaled only about 600,000 tons. It is also worth noting that a new 1.65 million tons/year installation of the Marjan petrochemical company in Iran and a new 1.75 million tons/year plant in Natgasoline, an OCI subsidiary, are all scheduled to be put into production in April, although the specific time is not yet available. Clear news, but need to pay attention to its progress and impact expectations.