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Romanian chemical products rely on imports
Jun 29, 2017

 According to the “Financial Daily” report on June 27, in 2016, the Romanian chemical industry (chemical substances and products) exported 1.6 billion euros, but imports reached 5.6 billion euros, and the trade deficit was 4 billion euros, which is the reason for Luo’s international trade in goods. The product with the largest deficit. chairman of the Borzesti Chimcomplex chemical company's board of directors, said that in recent years, the production of synthetic rubber, synthetic fiber, polystyrene, polyethylene, and pesticides in Romania has stopped completely, and it has become a sales market for imported products.

In 2007, Romanian largest chemical company created nearly 12,000 jobs, and in 2016 it was only 5,800. The main reason was the bankruptcy of UPS, which was a sodium carbonate producer, and Ole Chemical Plant and Amonil Plant. Home companies enter the state of insolvency. The Orte chemical plant in Vrčia was once a leading company in the Romanian chemical industry. Its sales in 2007 were 524 million euros, and it fell to 169 million euros in 2016. The industry ranking also dropped to second place, and the number of employees In 2007, 4,800 people were reduced to 1900 last year.