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TDI: Positively Negative And Intertwined
Jun 28, 2018

As the market approached last weekend, the domestic TDI market once showed signs of a rebound. In particular, in South China, with some traders' surges and reluctant sellers, the domestic TDI market has concentrated on volume. However, the rebound was just a flash in the pan, and once again this week, the market fell into a pessimistic view. Environmental protection looked back at the progress of the region. With the rainy season in southern China in June and July and the harvest in the north, the sponge factory was mostly in the semi-open state, and the market was for TDI. The lack of ability to slide was seriously lacking, resulting in further negative sentiment towards bearishness.

Since this week, factories have heard about news. BASF announced that the settlement price of TDI in June was 26,800 yuan/ton on Monday afternoon. Shanghai Kesi Creation announced the latest TDI ex-factory price to 26,500 yuan/ton; these good news did not exist in the domestic TDI market. In fact, the market is still focusing on cargo difficulties. In addition, the southeastern electro-chemical plant restarted on Saturday. Due to temporary instability, delivery time is expected to be around this weekend. Good negative offset each other, the price is temporarily deadlocked, as of Tuesday's close, the East China region's domestic exporters to negotiate the price of 24,400 yuan / ton in the vicinity, the Shanghai cargo delivery dealers to negotiate the price of 25,100 yuan / ton. It is initially expected that the overall market will be stable this week.