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The Price Trend Of Cyclohexanone
May 24, 2018

It is foreseen that the domestic market of cyclohexanone would face fierce competition with low purchase activity at the begining of this week, Especially solvent market traders said that the shipment pressure is greater.. Although the downstream of cyclohexanone is replenished at the early stage of the price, some of the inventory is still not consumed. Now the deal is deadlocked because prices have fallen this week,  wait-and-see mood in the lower reaches on astronger. During the week, the factory inventory pressure was postponed cause some order into the market. The market confidence was boosted by the small increase of pure benzene price, which was expected to rise in the cyclohexanone  market. Most of them thought that the supply side was tight and the upstream and downstream had multiple positive stimulus. It looked set to test resistance at short - line cyclohexanone market