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Weekly Ups And Downs Of Chemical Products (2018.04.08-2018.04.13): Many Parties Are Positive
Apr 16, 2018

Last week, the overall chemical market rose or fell,
On the one hand, due to the cooling of trade frictions between China and the United States and the Saudi Arabia’s positive hints on oil price targets, cloth oil hit a new high in 2014. As of April 12, the Brent price has exceeded US$72 and the WTI price has exceeded US$67.
On the other hand, the weather is picking up, and the overhaul of supply equipment in the spring has led to a drop in overall supply.
Third, the macro-economy is stable, industrial enterprises are operating well, the end consumer boom is improving, and corporate orders are increasing.
In addition, the economic recovery in peripheral countries has improved and export orders have increased.
According to Henan Haofei Chemical Co., Ltd.'s 67 chemical products tested, 12 varieties fell in the week, accounting for 17.9%, the top three products were TDI (-9.52%), caprolactam (-3.64%) Butanone (-3.26%). As many as 50 products rose, accounting for 74.63%. The top three products were EDC (8%), phthalic anhydride (7.52%) and soft foam polyether (7.20%).