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Weekly Ups And Downs Of Chemical Products (2018.04.08-2018.04.13): Many Parties Are Positive
Apr 23, 2018

This week, chemical products rose more or less. The oil market was favored by factors such as geopolitical risk, production-producing countries' production cuts, and weak US dollar, which ultimately prompted the adjustment of the current price adjustment of refined oil products. The goodness of the oil market has greatly promoted the active situation of the downstream chemical products. This week's situation shows that most chemical products have gained significantly. However, on the other hand, with the convening of the Shanghai Cooperation Summit, environmental protection continues to suppress some parts of the country, and the downstream market and terminal start-up still have some room for frustration, but overall the chemical market sentiment continues to perform well.

Of the 67 key chemical products monitored by Henan Haofei Chemical, 34 were up products, accounting for 51%, down products were 17 or 25%, and 16 products were unchanged, accounting for 24%, the first three products were DMC ( ↑ 11.21%), aniline (↑ 10.91%), butadiene (↑8.08%). Among them, the products with the top three declines were butanone (↓6.74%), TDI Shanghai (↓5.26%), and caprolactam (↓4.40%).